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lirik lagu 40 barz – tag johnson


40 barz and my flow is so obnoxious
i whip fast so it’s hard to stay conscious
choke-hold, that’s a ten finger necklace
swerving on the back roads, i’m country like a dirt road
i wear a straw hat but i’m darker than a negro
it’s halloween boy do you wana meet a scare crow?
my name is tag, don’t take it out of context
i f-ck with n-gg-s but i ain’t with that g-y s-x
i’m the game minister
get your console ready for the dlc i’m bringing ya
i’m real gamer n-gg- you are just a camper
and you flow is sh-tty boy your beats need pamper
inspection; rejection, you don’t meet the standards
and i love god you can call me ned flneders
and i’m bloated like a minivan
leaning like a kickstand
the road is looking solid but i bolo for the quicksand
i don’t need your beef cause i got plenty protein
you’re a slow n-gg-, you addicted to the codeine
living all drugged up like a f-cking dope-fean
generic -ss sh-t, you ain’t had cocaine
shout out to my migo
somos fabricantes de dinero
you don’t understand, n-gg- need to learn the lango
i’m on marz like i’m mark watney
cowboy hat like i’m frederica wilson
you don’t understand 40 barz of lesson
f-ck el diablo, you know i’m a blessing
i move like el chapo, ain’t no need for stressing
the walls are always talking you just need to listen
f-ck a peeping-tom, i use a tech as a certain
middle-man the product and i sell it like a merchant
yeah i’ll eat a rat just to keep that sh-t from snitching
i’m turning off your light you can flip, you ain’t switching
4 bars add for my n-gg-s
40 barz minus 12 for the coppers
now i’m left with 28, go figure