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lirik lagu after the rain – talib kweli


[tough talking braggart]
ay boy, i got moves to make
see the hood ain’t my last stop, you understand me?

walking under gutter rainbows

[ttbrag] man f-ck that noise man
[singer] walkin under gutter rainbows
[ttbrag] i’ma peel this popsicle stand man

[hood comedian]
yo, son said he ’bout to peel pop’s t-st-cl-s
[woman starts laughing loudly] pause!

[ttbrag] hey boy…
[female] c’mon son, what’chu gon’ do? c’monnnn
[ttbrag] when i make some money man
[female] word, word
[ttbrag] i’ma ball at one of your circle line books
[ttbrag] park that motherf-cker on nostrand avenue
[ttbrag] hop out and get me a muh’f-ckin peach pattie
[ttbrag] y’knahmsayin?
[hoodco] word man, yo don’t forget that cocoa bread son
[ttbrag] i’ma get some rims, with rims on ’em!
[female] with 32, 32 rims? 32 28’s?
[ttbrag] have you been all [unclear]
[female] why you gotta bring that up?
[ttbrag] i’ll have a big -ss house in the middle of the hood
[ttbrag] e’rybody house look little, his house big and sh-t
[ttbrag] that’s what i’ma do
[ttbrag] i’ma get me one of them big -ss houses

[laughter from the hood comedian]
[female] all cakin up

[tough talking braggart]
the f-ck you laughin at a.d.a.?

[hood comedian]

heh, it’s not funny, it’s not funny

[tough talking braggart]
in my house, i’ma wear house shoes
my house shoes is gon’ be heelies
i’m gonna be slidin through the crib like usher
on the confessional tour and sh-t

[hood comedian]
you lyin -ss

[singer] walking under gutter rainbows
[ttbrag] get money, get money
[singer] walkinnnnnng, walking under gutter rainbows
[female] we gon’ take over google
[singer] walkinnnnnng, walking under gutter rainbows
[female] come up with other sh-t called giggle
[singer] walkinnnnnng