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lirik lagu woo hoo – tami neilson


my, my, my sweet mama warned me ‘bout ya
but i just can’t live without ya now
oh, man, you hit me like a western, shootin’ bang bang, pow pow
sparks flew, i knew that i wanted you, didn’t matter what it took
can’t eat, can’t sleep, now i’m in neck deep
all because you gave me that look

woo hoo baby
you drive me a little bit crazy
bye bye, so long, lonely days are long gone
baby since you made me go
woo hoo

my,my, my heart can’t take it now
oh for goodness sake it’s gonna blow
seeing stars, kissing in your dad’s car
now it’s twelve o’clock, we gotta go
count the days until we have our next date
baby i’m just k!lling time
can’t eat, can’t sleep, yeah i’m in neck deep
til the day that i can make you mine