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lirik lagu 06 fasle no – tardast


06 fasle no / marwa

verse i
beginning of the new season
my new beginning
a head and two sorrowful hearts
comes and goes yearly, its autumn
the smoke of the unlit fire blows
dark circles beneath my eyes
when morning breaks, im by the river
do my eyes see the sunrise?
or am i still dreaming?
if im dreaming, then sound
you’ll wake up (it’ll go away)
why you still vexed?
im still lost with myself
i can’t recognise you
still on the road, im forgetting again
my eyes are open
but im transfixed by lamplight
my mouth is smiley
but i can’t be bothered

its maybe your fault, maybe my fault
one of us gets subtracted
these are staying in my throat
maybe never
maybe nowhere
they’d clarify with you

verse ii

seasons got passed
am in city still
i could see everywhere like home now
no pictures on the walls na? we’ll get more lost
we got stutter, we get worse
on the paper in front me
there’s a ill transporter (teller)
still cheerful for that “maybe”
that might be numbers who are awake
even if they say you’re wasted
i got used to swim against the wave
i become a fish ..

after jumping and flipping even with
still placing with sharks

all the sh*lls knows that am not a mercenary type
let them other fishes have all this diamonds for cheap
still all my wealth’s my nights which going awake till
am in illusion and i want a new me from myself
a moderate me who’s alright on everyday
thats the first and last time hes going through borders..
till the murky sky of his nights
am staying awake till that good day morning
am seeing from far and saying it in my chats
am sitting in this corner, staying in my pain
but never mind everyone smells real
its simple in their eyes so they passed so simple
and i’d left with myself
how late and soulless i am, without me

verse iii
but the seasons talks sorrow to me
once again all the calendars getting reversed
am into the mud its better be pix*elated
they telling me you’re hectic man
you’re saying “don’t extend it”
move on to the main subject
everyone already saw this before
in a path that you don’t know if it
goes to the direction
it depends on you
depends where’s your ceiling
maybe, maybe not
maybe your path should get change
maybe your future
but the path from me

but i’m that path, you’re the passerby
i’m that loser come on let’s complete it
keeping my face red with slap
(means pretending to be well looking)
you become part of my story
presage me, you’re the reader eye
am hopeless, my wings got broke
who you fighting with?
your fear is from the shadow
become a color as my words color ..

people say this and that an
people say that and this
how i live, some receive to give
i just proceed to win and break barriers they can’t manage it
man can’t manage us green dot on active brand new chapters turn over a new leaf
what do you see?
i am in the garden checkin out for parasites though a little paranoid, yeah i might be two steps back think wisely
one step forward and more precisely
i got moves like a knight on a chessboard i don’t really care if your chest broad mans got the link right there
for the whappa’s
come through like wagwan man a just whack it and bang
its easily done
matter of fact
too easy for some
and it all came from some crumbs sliced me a toast and a make me a loaf skippy on the beat, you know the ropes nothing but dreams and hopes
broken promises
broken oaths
in the court room hand on the bible gangs on gangs since tribal times
im trying to make what a make of a brick off these rhymes
rich or poor
separated through the thinnest of lines