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lirik lagu ​don’t look down – tarnisher


[verse 1]
i watch you wander the country with a fist full of stars
building your towers of honey and breaking them apart
and darling you won’t regret it if you give me a piece of your heart
cause i know you won’t admit it but you’re painting me over your scars

[chorus 1]
sitting in the light as it dawns, you’re blossoming all the flowers
lay and watch the night as it falls, i lost count of all the hours
oh the world is a tape player, write me a song
and i’ll sing it to you

[verse 2]
we watch the planes disappear and the planets embark
making a wish on a chemtrail, on saturn or mars
and darling they’re crossed again, but i’m the man who made everything hard
our magnetic confluence is nothing more than a wish on a star

[chorus 2]
i could be a spark in your eyes, the sp*ce where i fly is endless
there i’m just an old satellite, searching for my repentance
oh i’ve been flying forever and ain’t found no god
but he’s speaking through you

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