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lirik lagu 10 options – tatro


dreamer with some talent
n everybody is watching
they wanna see me get it
they really think that i got it
they like aye yo t, when yo next song dropping
cause i’m copping
wanna garage with 10 d-mn options
crib full of models
taking shots of vodka
and never stopping cause
i shine like optics i got it
i’m like hey baby
i’m watching that -ss dropping
crib full of models
i got like 10 options

[verse 1]
pick n choose
what you gone do
i gotta get get it
cause i said i’m going to
like baby (hey) i really i got it
they saying i’m gunna make it
like yea its f-cking logic
like yea it’s gone happen
like yea i’m f-ckin on it
it’s gone take some time
i’m polishing right now
but baby i’m bout to shine
like, i want mine
wanna crib with guest houses
rappers tryna flex
but they ain’t really about it
need an audemour like tomorrow or i’m poutin
cause time ticking
n your pride is missing
cause you wanna live it but
don’t wanna work to get it
i just want my own home

sometimes i’d rather be alone
but not tonight
we getting drunk and getting stoned
i’m the one girl, you already know
d-mn girl you look finer than before


[verse 2]
youngin in the mix
i’m in the game
i’m really with the sh-t
i’m never gunna change
baby come closer
i ain’t never met her
but i’m acting like i know her
she see us having fun
never really sober
you wanna hit the blunt
said she never been a stoner
but you can’t turn down a gift
she say baby
i just wanna live
you wake up and eat then you do it again
we got the crib packed
with women and friends
she like vodka n i sip gin
this life’s full of sin