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all facts no cap - tay b lyrics


reuel, stop playing with these n*ggas

[verse 1: tay b]
you might get your ass popped, like a soda can
when i squeeze, it’s fasho, like i’m [?]
give the sauce to myself, i ain’t showing them
you b*tches lay around the house, like we [?]
so many bolls in the cabnit, ain’t no groceries [?]

[verse 2: cash kidd]
ain’t never going broke again, that’s my only fear
phone [?] got no racks, only punches there
swiped my cali b*tch some [?], here

[verse 3: tay b]
i got more money than your old man
b*tch called me daddy, so i understand
young dawg, i maneuver like a grown man
i been to court a few times, i won’t fold then

[verse 4: cash kidd]
i know you probably starstruck, but don’t stare
i don’t trust sh*t, [?] go there
told her i just wanna see that head, like she got no hair
congrats, i see you [?] bought some yeezys, these my fourth pare
[verse 5: tay b]
i won’t let you play me like i’m average
i won’t let a b*tch [?] out my karots
these n*ggas acting, they some motherf*cking [?]
[?] jacks wanna count [?]
come on, baby, suck my d*ck, the car stear itself

[verse 6: cash kidd]
40 tucked in my ballmains, ain’t gotta wear no belt
it’s gon’ hold it for me, white b*tch off the coke, don’t pass it to me
ok, b*tch, you talking too d*mn much, now, can you pass the kush?
got 5 30’s on us, that’s a high [?]
b*tch pull up like [?] b, [?] at me
and if not, then get to stepping, like [?]

[verse 7: tay b]
i be where you hardly be, when i’m out, i hardly speak
[?] got rich off yellow, like i’m cardi b
you can’t f*ck with me, do not start with me
in this s5, it’s gon’ park for me

[verse 8: cash kidd]
real n*gga, it ain’t hard to see
b*tch n*ggas try too hard to be
tay b, why they tryna be like us?
just tought my new b*tch how to punch
[?] just because
[?] just to get a buzz
[verse 9: tay b & cash kidd]
this ain’t that, that’s gon’ get you touched
bro gon’ do that sh*t [?]
[?] bounce [?]
twin glocks, two arms, that’s a [?]
[?] talking me to death, let me f*ck
you must heard i’m geetting bread, i’m [?] catching up

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