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lirik lagu 40 shots – tay roc


i f-ck up ya plan a
i f-ck up ya plan b
if n-gg-s f-ck with me
my n-gg-s f-ck with ya family
i’m talking duct taping up granny, scary
they’ll find her in the trunk of a camry, d-mn me
i’m tired of soft raps coming from y’all cats
if y’all ain’t bringing bars back
then you should can fall back
and i’m here to help east bring to bring it all back
you all wack
they should rip up ya contract
i hope you take this as a diss and do ya respond track
as a country n-gg- that’s where the squad at
get left in baltimore with some o’s in your ball cap
get off my ball sack