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lirik lagu 4pm in jersey(4pm in calabasas bnemix) – taz gibbs


[verse 1: majestic]
american dream, house in calabasas
in south jers, me and taz be laughing
like if we never reached it, wouldn’t it be tragic
vault full of jewels, that never will be cl-ssics
gold plated diamonds adorned on the necklace
no future wives, so the men acting reckless
all these other rappers, would they act helpless
if they were trapped, in the city of the selfish
me & taz cruising in the dead end
when these jealous fools gonna find a dead end
2 live crew, into two dead men
rest in peace 2 gunnz, we carry on in his stead
the car ever janky, i can not trust it
keep in your mind with what you’re intrusted
tire blown out, but we cannot rush it
always going wrong from lack of discussion
no outlet from the road
and i need a code, to charge up my phone
google maps, to navigate to home
cause the lines are blurred, leaving us alone
the map is full of the black ink
wash your hands now, evidence up in that sink
dirty the water, so all of us can’t drink
only one can make it, is that what you d-mn think
god d-mn, yall be clueless
ain’t a diss, it’s just the shoe fits
i’ve had beef, you know i do it
go ahead and talk, with loose lips
crabs in the barrel, all you crabs up in a barrel
wish me well like christmas carols
wish me well like i was pharoah

[commentary 1: taz]
whoa! majestic is back, on a track!
with that n-gg- taz so y’all know what time it is man
taz the prince! it’s been a while since i used that one
taz the prince! one more time, for good measure.(huh)
[verse 2: taz]
said, it’s 4pm in jersey bout to do a n-gg- dirty
i hit yo girl dog, but she’s saying that she curved me
swallow like kirby, i’ll go with the hook reference
you stay waitin’, you stay baitin’, but who you catchin’
never i, leave you high and dry
all that fishing you doing, man asking why
hanging from hooks
man you know i bang by the book
everybody say they taking it
but n-gg- you shook
like them, ones
back when mobb deep was in it
oh my god, man we deep up in it
deep in trenches
stop it, cause we go ahead and wear them trench coats
and everybody get zipped up, it’s cut throat
n-gg-s really f-ck with god, but you don’t
want none of this, cause i spit so cold (oh)
like coal, so hard when i be spittin
a diamond could come from the rough
you know that i be rippin
oh ripping these p-ss-es, ripping these kittens
freestylin, that n-gg- he on a mission
freestylin, that n-gg- do it he did it
stop playing, you know that my n-gg-s with it
oh, they hittin him out his fit it
shout out to mike, punching him out his fit it
shout out to mook, n-gg-s know that we with it
if i tell the n-gg-s move then you know they on mission(rippin)

[commentary 2: majestic]
hold up, hold up, hold up!(gasp)
y’all don’t know this motherf-cker just freestyled
off of his/the first four bars of his f-cking verse man
alright we gotta play that back for them taz. cause they gotta know the fire you got when you’re f-cking writing man
it’s majestic the producer, i’m back from retirement
let’s get, saint matthew, whoa!

[verse 3: taz]
so, it’s 4pm in jersey bout to do a n-gg- dirty
i hit yo girl man, but she’s saying that she curved me
swallow like kirby, i’ll go with the hook reference
you stay waitin’, you stay baitin’, but who you catchin’
you can’t expose me, i’ve got nothing to hide
all that fishing you doing, gonna leave you high and dry
your mama asking why, man like my n-gg-
all that leaking you doing, gonna make you die quicker
but really, n-gg- really it could go either way
your girl love to play games
i switched that sh-t to multiplay
i’m so divine that she snapped
she couldn’t, cope today
i hid the vine from the snap
you losing, rope today
using multi metaphors
kirby, curvin, multiplay
you, keep her on fleek, buying her treats
but you can catch her in the bathroom, clicking with me
so if you catch the flick, know it wasn’t for you to see
but, my body perfect it deserves to be polarized
f-cking cold
my n-gg-s out here killing so and so’s
you n-gg-s out here trying to sell your souls
guess we got different goals
never tasting defeat, keep them on tippy toes
now how far can this go, man only heaven knows
man only heaven knows
i’m the god and you know i got the god flow