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lirik lagu 18 birthday – tb rbs


[intro rock-e & tb rbs]
who is it
its motherf-cken tb rbs
oh sh-t come in you trynna record
yeah fool gotta show these cats what i got you know what it is
don’t tell me you gonna record that stoogie track
yee homie cmon its a good track ese
yeah yeah whatever you say what beat you want
drop an old school beat

[verse 1: tb rbs]
on my 18th birthday i want a joint on the cake
better yet make that stokes on my cake
khakis black tees you’ll see on me
better yet always a long sleeve tee
just like a pro i’m the man with a plan
i’m the motherf-cking man never slipping i be d-mned
i can go for a stoke when its cold
i can go for some dro to get stoned
i can go for some c-ke all the time
man that sh-ts real dope
it got nothing on stoogies tho
stoogies are my go to when i’m with holmes
at home
on the block
on the go
when alone stoogies are my bro
my real bro be rock-e
the neezy with bars like rocky got feats
ain’t no one promote the sh-t we do
i light my cigarette in hope that y’all like the fumes
i’m doing me y’all do you don’t copy my style or what i do

[verse 2: tb rbs]
i got lit in the hip with the candle lighter
mr vega aka the stoogie finder
there’s more to me than just stokes
ya know
if you didn’t know now you know
lets go
i’m a 5 foot 4 motherf-cker now that you know this do you think i’m a sucker
well i’m not a sucker i’m a savage f-cking vato
and all y’all punk -ss vatos better never say sh-t about me
cause how y’all gonna say
what y’all don’t know and act as if my life is your own
motherf-cker you don’t know me you best step back
cause i don’t play around f-ck with me you’ll get all my wrath
i’m as hard as a boulder
soft as a rock
meaning you don’t wanna mess with a n-gg- who’s walk does the talk
my heart as cold as the caps before pollution was on there back
i’m always ready to attack drop a n-gg- on his back
don’t mess with me i won’t mess with you
looks like you motherf-ckers still got a lesson to learn