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too many girls - tech n9ne lyrics


“too many girls”
(feat. krizz kaliko, sundae)

[verse 1 – krizz kaliko]
see she the object of my affection
nah i take that back
see she the object of my erection
i gotta use protection
i’m way too paranoid so im avoiding the infection
to get her in position i use different voice inflection
how you doin?
that nannies high on a pedestal
i need an intervention
attention i need is medical
they rev me like an engine
i’m itchin to get my antidote
so give me an inch and i’m into it like it’s cantalope
be girls, be girls, be girls everywere
i can’t help but stare
i’m just hoping that they share
overseas they call me kalibobbitto frejo
he called mr bookoo speedy labito
do em in then they ask for me to do em again
i ain’t playin with them girls but they like to pretend
like i’m there boyfriend for the night so i treat them a little meana
it’s been too many years and surely been way too many girls

[hook – tech n9ne]
i know way too many girls
i simply have too many all around the world
so if you trippin wit yo lady
she might be with techa nina
or kali baby
i know way too many girls
i simply have too many all around the world
so if you look and you don’t see her
she might be with kali baby
or be with techa nina

[verse 2 – tech n9ne]
hey, i really like you so maybe we
can go half on a baby see
countries take a chance with crazy me
and i never wanna be shady
t don’t give a d-mn were the other ladies be
andrea i mean damicica… d-mn
man i think i got add
i’m callin you to say i think i’ve seen the light
reg should come over right now and just sleep with me tonight
sarah please i mean taresa jeeze i steady keep losing sight
cause they bodies be h-lla tight
even though it’s wrong the feelings right
my bed is so ready to get run up by incredible s-x
i just wanna set up and get ate up caress your straight edible br–sts
do you hear me loretta, sorry bout that gina
would you give me that thing i really want you stephanie i mean katrina
i get calls from lacey, from amber, and somestimes sabrina
they all over my demeaner
so they stand in line for the weiner
from christina, pam, and big booty jay
the one with jareeta
and the louse beuty queen and tayaneeta
said you got too many girls nina


[verse 3 – sundae]
i need a girl nina
ain’t no sense in me lyin
i’m like biggy you buy her wine
and i just creep from behind her
say she wanna be on my team
lickin cl-ts and v-g-n-
nevermind me you’ll never kevin federline me
too many girls, girls, girls around the world
they wanna eat my p-ssy buy your girl diamonds and pearls
i need a girl nina
i like her but shes scarin me
s-xtin me she like bury me
since prop 8 b-tch wanna marry me
i need a girl nina
i ain’t it but i’ll bet a fifth
she’s strange
and i like it pam and kandy wanna do me
jessica wanna make a movie
tiffany will buy me goochie if i let her lick my coochie
i need a girl nina
to put me in her moutha
i got these girls gone
myan lost like jimmy hoffa
i need a girl nina
these girls is techa nina crazy
she says she wanna lick me and have krizz kali babies
i need a girl nina

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