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lirik lagu the testimonial – tellem x


these n*ggas took a break a n0body could see the difference
i don’t talk a lot because a n*gga work with action
i don’t really stress a lot
steady in my room and all
please don’t ever treat me like an enemy im all alone
ain’t the same n*gga from the past im at a different place
did a lotta things
i don’t ever claim the accolades
tell me what it takes to be best im so conflicted
all this hate you give it out
i ain’t tryna entertain
love is natural but you just orchestrate the hate
they don’t wanna show me that they f*ckin with my songs
call me esco with the bars i prolly hold it down
n*ggas too addicted to my lines they im way too smart

sometimes i reminisce because i notice that im grown
i cannot predict my destiny this ain’t no forecast
smoking on that swazi and that sh*t be hitting hard
now a n*gga tripping bro this ain’t no middle class(yeah)

“man man
you see, you see
this one, this one
this one might be the best one
this far
this is a 10 out of 10
this is
yeah man this
you’ve outdone yourself”