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lirik lagu 20 bars of anime goodness – tempest of dd


[verse 1: msl]
hyphy acting, i be hyperactive
getting nookie although i be slacking
catch a knife for acting, cracking laughter after i go mathers on your ass
and after i harass the factors, got your homies doing circles
you the protractor, but it don’t matter
run up and i’m screaming like tekashi when these rappers try to copy
might as well so you can catch it from an automatic slug

[verse 2: tempest]
collapse and i f*cking slap with this rap
and i snap on the beat like i’m eating rice krispies
drink a bit of lean and my head is getting misty
pristine lyrics coming from this hippy
tryna get crucified, who’s inside?
coming on a beat and then i’m k!lling all the human kind, human mind
repping on the metal, motherf*cker, get aluminized
i’m coming with a new idea, are you ready? revolutionize
i’m all up under your bed and inside of your head
in the mind i’m so dead, i’m weighted with lead
and sedated and bled and it’s out on the floor
for your shoes turning red

[outro: tempest]
msl x tempest
more collabs coming out soon