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lirik lagu change your mind – ten tonnes


she sits around just waiting
to see what happens next
you watch the full moon fading
you’re still holding your breath

she’s got your world on a string
hoping you bounce back
and there’s nothing
and it starts to crack

she tries to let him down
don’t want to waste his time
but this is more fun
than you’ve had all your life

i’m walking back through the city
with my heart in my hands
and you slept since the weekend
guess you had other plans

all the things you say
add up eventually
you can’t leave it to fate
or leave it up to me
you leave without a sound
n0body can trace
and there’s a shadow hanging ’round
when will i see you again?

cause i’m so fеd up of wasting my time
i’m so fed up of wasting my time
fеd up of wasting my time
on you

well i’ve got nothing new to say
they’re all stolen lines
but if you hang around for just one more day
i might change your mind

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