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lirik lagu bubble monkey – tendavillage


i was just a normal guy
with a regular monkey life
hanging ’round and doing fine
doing my monkey business
when i see this guy, little bowtie
just walking on by, there’s something on his mind

i was running outta time
looking for something to climb
then without a warning this guy
hands me a piece of bubble gum
now i’m blowing my, bubble up in the sky
flying oh so high, now we going for a ride

i, got a bubble in the sky
got a bubble in the sky, bubble in the sky
got a bubble in the sky now baby, baby
got a bubble in the sky

if you got a reason, i’ll get you up to the ceiling
unwrap that piece of juicy fruit and i’ll do my thing
yeah i know that sh*t’s high, and though you don’t have psi
i still think you’re a pretty cool guy
yeah when it gets real and things get tough
those bad guys get up in your face
it’s good to have another one there to help you get it done
we’re gonna have lots of fun
i know you have guns but i can be your shield
does someone need to take a ride on tessie?
i’ll be with you until i find my lady

would you like to fly, bubble in the sky
bubble in the sky