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dirt - tender misfit lyrics


[verse 1]
everything feels like sh*t
i just take another hit
wanna rip off my skin
hate the one that i’m in
i wish i had a lovely smile
i wanna have couture style
wish i was the perfect child
i wanna have an innocent mind

feels like i’m running out of time
always being left behind
all i do is f*ckin’ cry

why can’t i be special? all i am is dirt
why can’t i be perfect? all i do is hurt
you float like a b*tterfly in your perfect world
i want you to notice, all i am is dirt

[verse 2]
you’re so pretty that it hurts
and i’m just a stupid girl
i know you wish i was her
now i’m just a voyeur
and i know i’m such a creep
i know that’s all you see
that i’m just a f*ckin’ freak
you don’t give a f*ck about me
said i’m fine, but i lied
i’m so tired of teary eyes

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