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lirik lagu 2econd chances made me – tenxx


tenxx * 2econd chances made me (lyrics)

skip the benediction
they can’t cure my sickness
rip the scripture as the lord my witness
sharpen knives and stick ’em
grab my shirt and l!ck and wipe the scope
evaluate the distance
roaches dirty dishes
pipe take lips and grip it
crack delicious
rent * a * center knocking vivious
me and sis hide under bed
bunch of “n*gga you’re just like your daddy”
went straight to my head
pistol packing twisting gold upstairs
lay low and twist the dread
little weed and hennesy with ebt
to keep ’em fed
up the street 2 for 20 please
smoke out the caprice
the asthetic that’s all over me
black like judas priest
say the word and they believe
tighten boots and pull up sleeves
duck and dodge police
lately stress the least
tell me please
what’s the price n*gga?
muhf*ck a naysayer
boy live your life n*gga
roll it up on your demo
that sh*t was light n*gga
we can run it on sight
you got the right n*gga
we was never tight n*gga
they love to hype up a n*gga
well i’m the type of a n*gga
to razor slice up a n*gga
extrimites down the middle
i’ll put a hyphen in n*ggas
i’m putting fright in these n*ggas
ain’t no out writing a n*gga
i hear ’em biting a n*gga
a bunch of trifiling n*ggas
twisting gossip and rumors
i watch it spread like a tumor
they tried to sue me
my lawyer laughed got a great sense of humor
i’m a boss you lieutenant
and any celling infinite
i’m in a godly position
g.s.c., c..g
this brotherhood is what i rep
too much liqour in me
swear a n*gga might check
sent threats
can you hear me?
can i get a mic check?
and the kind of (andaconda) n*gga that i am
i squeeze necks
sin is touching men and women
every minute
govenment assistance
maxing out the limit
stare into this portrait image
til your head is bouncing off the wall
and tissue hemorrhage
trails and tribulations that you live
i play like scrimages
sensitive and in your feelings
acting like my women friend
with this pen again
huddle up
got ’em panicking
always talking plan but got no drive
so wheels they tend to spin
only challenge you accomplishing
is f*cking manikin
i’m an african*american
born terror man
swing like yogi berra
for them reparations dividens
spend it ’til i look like dapper dan
like boy what’s happening?
hiding eyes below that brim again
i know you’ve been a fan
just admit it muhf*cka
let’s be real one time
only had to tell ’em once
and now they falling in line
i ain’t seeing eye to eye with these media guys
they rather dirty the truth
instead of clean up a lie
n*gga i swear
gassed n*ggas pray to god
you fight the devil in his lair
way she did a n*gga
well aware it wasn’t fair
when emotions would appear
was feeling faker than her hair
way these demons in my ear
so surprised i made it here
so amazing
what a statement
ought to thank me
i can’t wait this year
elmhust made me
feeling greatful
but let’s make it clear
boy i need god
bless my squad
we so flawed
but rose above it all
put your hands together
round of applause
i need god
porsche in my gargage
wifey coming from abroad
she don’t speak no english
all she do is nod
well! well! well! well!
transform yourself
said it’s all about the profit?
sell! sell! sell! sell!
say it’s deeper than it seems, huh?
do tell do tell
imma do it like i been doing
screaming rebel
i need god!