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lirik lagu lemon grove – tera melos


as it decays
it drops in the street falling memories
they build a nest in your heart

screaming in the walls it’s come to get you and
you know it’s come to get you and then you have no idea
it takes a toll intimate terrible fear of them all

balsam grows on the side
so sick of the motion to heal another pull off that
sew the head back on there
another flaccid emotional appeal
what do you think of that
while they shovel the dirt over your head so dear so dear

time waits in the dark room, time sleeps
and you feel like an -sshole already down already broken

little martyrs so short on time
keyhole mothers and valentine cards
sink your navy in a pitch black moment so unkind tonight
check sunlight only scr-pes past your eyes
check no one waits anymore for you to move
splitting headache at the thought of the line
crack your skull on how they gave you the time