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lirik lagu free yourself – terra firma


[verse 1: mic lez]
was once waking the past but that was only a taste
so now were turning the page right here and now what we face
this ain’t just another case of the wrong path in the wrong place
mic lez, terra firma come to set it straight
don’t ever take me as an average man, cos i damage plans
whether it be with thoughts and words or a clenching hand
don’t make no difference when livings my only ambition
plus spitting lyricism but how many really listen
how many really missing what i’be saying and don’t have a clue
how many crews are dissing scared of where we’ll take this too

[verse 2: simplex]
take this through to a newer level whatever you used to
loose on an acapella this fella produce truth
proof no compet-tor edit records like sim do
wax the poetical digital be the signal
hold your cynicism this collision of writtens on rhythms
be the original lyricism of
overworked and underrated and automated audio animal manually moving and breaking
barriers amatures couldn’t even imagine to manage to damage
spit a tidal recital and wipe out the planet d-mn it just i’m

[verse 3: raph a.l]
i feel this life that i’m living is unforgiving
and sin is filling the place where i breath in
dealing with problem by binging
affecting people by speaking thinking the words that i’ve written
collecting thoughts now i’ve given
stop, you feeling this rhythm?
give them direction, infection, new generation no protection
face yourself wealth rejection, preservation of our section
from correctional facilities to government ministries
workers that bored of the industries slowly growing a dynasty

[verse 4: mic lez]
there’s no time like the present, the rhyme is of the essence
every line every sentence to your mind with a message
about surviving life’s lessons, and i ain’t talking bout weapons
i’m talking bout moving forward, what? i ain’t talking bout stepping, where?
unless it’s in the right direction, i’ll step with a rhyme
away from all the lies deception some use to get by
still choose to deny, my crew will defy your ways any day
now stay down nothing but the same sound

[verse 5: simplex]
playground bullies in my yard, cop a beatdown!
lay down who you think you are? clamp your speech now!
each round further than the last, how we lead now!
we found music who we are, that’s the street sound!
off our lips like bad habits with scripts with no comparative
burn like olympic athletes lactic acid its
have you heard a crew that brings the burner
true and takes it further who its terra firma

[verse 6: raph a.l]
so are you in it for infamy, but finding nothing but misery
mystery, nah theres a history, stating those true to the category
so are you with me or at me there ain’t no future in rapping
but evolution of culture, graff scratching and break actions
subtract factions of those in it just for the fame
so f-ck a name and take aim, this t-tle hip hop should claim
major labels, man they used to constantly diss
claiming their hunting for hits, but now they running for this

[hook: simplex]
running and running and running trying to get away
my crew will keep on coming up now there’s no where to escape
we keep it all true cause these others leave it fake so understand why we create
raise your hands if you know the reasons why?
its the official it’s certified
we keep close to our hearts and lives it’s music to live by!
raise your hands if you know the reasons why?
its the official it’s certified
we keep close to our hearts and lives it’s music to live by!