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lirik lagu 12 rounds – terrestrea


come on take it out on me
don’t you f*cking hold yourself back
let the world die a little bit more
while we decide: way more or way less?

over sounds of strangers sleeping, dreaming, swearing in false
screaming over the television and through the walls
pixelled congregations gather and about face
eagerly enthralled, watching miracle men

shrugging off our maybes, seeding cares with fares to needs till
underwhelmed wе burned it all, gasping through the alcohol
a steady diеt of self*reproach and misguided motivations:
it churns and turns and twists till broken, we desist

no standards, no benchmarks for worthy
what is it we’ve worked towards
we used to be so careless, now
we can’t even care at all

now we just wake up early, there’s no sleeping with the hate
confused the fleeing as acts of good
by heroes from a childhood
who taught us there are ways
to let our flaws abide;
to ignore, to keep all, secrets inside
shoot to k!ll
pretend and cry murder
in this h*ll
all high hopes and futile ends

we freeze, we linger
(contorting alibis into proof)
our sores still burn
(drifting in stagnant truths)
still chasing different dreams
(holding our eyes closed)
no noise no sound

interrogate to sustain
violence stake your claim
surprise me, conscience; take your toll

you might cheat death but
there’s no mistaking force
no confinement can atone
debased forgiveness only prolongs