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lirik lagu 35k years – tha god fahim


[intro: tha god fahim]
everything’s for my people, you hear me?
check me out now
uh, uh

[verse 1: tha god fahim]
the way i feel about life is an everyday struggle
only when you die they gon say that they loved you
my att-tude is militant, some people hate it
but that’s only from the ones that switch and traded
will i make it? uh, i gotta ask myself
don’t know if i should blast myself or ask for help
but my mind is strong, and my willpower is great
moving right along, this movie need another tape
for the sake of family ties, real eyes realise real lies
so every time we speak look me in the eyes
submit to god or fall for the devil
stand for something when you sprawl with the devil
been a masked rebel, the naked truth of a fellow
my fellows ship it (?), gotta capture the king
fornicate with the queen, this life ain’t what it seems
i watch the moon at night with billie jean
the billie jean is not my lover, she’s just a girl that i give a little comfort
she wanna be like teyana and iman shumpert
but everytime she say that i wanna dump her
the girl is not my lover
she’s still a queen, i’m just onto another
i like that
i feel fortunate for counting all these blessings
put myself in position to share a few lessons
the black man’s heaven is a racist white man’s h-ll
if you work real hard and try, there’s no limits you can’t reveal
as we excel cause poverty is h-ll
tell the blacksmith forge me some chainmail
they said i never change, well
i’m boutta evolve, leave knowledge in my trail