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lirik lagu 5 – thanksgiving


i am so glad since i have lost you
my visitors come and shut up
i look in the dark trying to find you
and during the day, i knew all along

there are two ways i see to look for you
and beside those are more unfounded
in the dark in the ocean made of all the colors
and above where the seagulls gather on the rocks

there are two ways you seem to me
but you just march through me regardless of those
my thoughts spring up out of the winter
like flowers or flounders in fountains of bones

under arched eyelids birds gather in flocks
as an architect drew them to cover me up
let me rest in the winged coves with the curtains drawn
when the rainbow has come the clouds will have fallen

make my nest ‘neath unjeweled crowns and bending thrones
with my fingers curled up under my robes
whose hooked splinters hover over my thighs
while cranes build my kingdom swinging over the sky

with some of me in the ruins and some in creations
oh, i’m moving