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lirik lagu ​blacklight – ​thatcherblackwood


[verse 1: thatcherblackwood]
bare the night, i’ll re*align
the calling cries, that guard skies
i’m saying by and by, the colors lie awake
just close your eyes, pour the blacklight open

[instrumental bridge]

[verse 2: w1sp]
i wanna hold rewind
please just get outta my face, you only waste my time
everything you say is hate, i do the same, can’t lie
but it’s only ’cause you do, that stays the same for life
i feel useless and it’s always facts
every time i check the phone, i never text you back
instead of going through this pain, i’d have a hеart attack
i hope it fades to black, i hope it fadеs to black
[verse 3: thatcherblackwood]
so you’ve gotten all the gossamer, say you got a plan
but you just wanna copy her and i don’t understand
swear i gave up and i’m fumbling for severance
i guess i’ll shut up, gotta learn to accept it
only got good luck for a couple of seconds
i’m staying tied up and i can’t light the matches, yeah
(that’s how you like it, right?)

[instrumental outro]