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lirik lagu my heart – thatkidcry


[verse 1: thatkidcry]
yo, i flow it out
look for the rhythm with the broken vows
stuck on the corner and i’m broken down
now my brain’s all full with the hope and doubt
this peace, it’s quiet
but the beauty i want is divine and i been biased
running from a beast i think is me
cause the beat’s required
shut me down, cut it out
i’ll turn my heart to a big dark cloud
to avoid this pain, make my mom proud
that i make a wage i can say is wow
i will break away from the census
live a life inexpensive
make a kid, get a girl who’s the world
and i will be the one that defends them
so protective reppin’ my story
my death ejects it out for me
what’s next depends on my mind
and how i’ll cope if i don’t find glory
these streets, they callin’ me
i’m all worn out, it’s hard to breath
i’mma cop a bag and some sidewalk chalk
so these people see that i write for me
look, and it never stops
on a man-made time with a deader clock
everything seems so much less flawed
when i got a girl and a head that bops
drop it, put it in a locket – pocket
don’t need sp-ce, she’ll know i’m gonna rock it
fiending for the dark brown eyes that i’m lost in
thinking bout a life that i want with her
burst from the bubble – let it out
tell her how i feel in a song, put it down
you could be the one, you could be the one –
to never let the dark clouds take my sun
you can have my love, but please be careful
not much left that i care for; take it gently
don’t you dare more, cause you know that you’re my heart