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lirik lagu 100 round – thayungin313


these n*ggas tryna take my style
keep the sh*t 100 right now
get a b*tch n*gga knocked down
my n*ggas won’t make no sound
make no sound, my n*ggas won’t make no sound
my n*ggas won’t make no sound, my n*ggas won’t make no sound

b*tch this weed real loud yea
and my k a 100 round yea
these n*ggas running they mouth yea
and my choppa shoot for miles yea
pull up on him gun him down
catch his ass slipping put him in the ground yea
we gone do that n*gga foul
b*tch i be dripping i’m gone need a towel yea yea

nah, lil b*tch i ain’t finished and all of my straps got extensions
whipping my wrist in the kitchen i’m not doing dishes
but b*tch i’m really from the trenches
turn you to a victim
i got me bag then i flipped it i know that the real n*ggas feel it
my n*ggas gone get him
my n*ggas pull up and they drilling, i spark up a wood cause its healing

(hook x2)