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lirik lagu send me down – the banner


send, send me down
push me deep and far beneath the ground
somewhere cold and absent of light
point my way, i seek only time
send, send me down
somewhere cold where i cannot be found
i have run as far as crooked legs could run
and fallen hard in the blood, the earth and the snow
i have bled, bled within seconds of dropping cold
smiling wide,wide as an ocean of faith and hope
hold me down
fill my lungs-let me drown
i have betrayed, stolen and slain because you would have it so
returned to the shade, returned to the blade in defense of your broken home
beaten and shunned, now but a gun empty and rotting out
an obstinate fool, a zealot for you, abandoned and broken down
hold, hold me down
fill my lungs-let me drown
tie me on high, open the lines-spill this filth out
lay me low, roll over the stone, light the ground behind
burn what remains of my written name
commit my face to time
hold, hold me down