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lirik lagu so far – the blushifter


so far
grown apart
and it’s back now
in the moment
commotion of emotions
they’re circling, oh, so far
i’d give anything and everything felt alright
i’m hiding, a blinding, a deafening, a weakening tune
so far
i f*cked up, i broke down
and it’s over, now it’s over
dark corners, they whisper
oh, is this the end?
help me, something kept me from parting
calmly you were asking, so calmly
how far can i go?
how come i never know the next day?
slowly dawned on me
h*ll poured down on me

someday, someday
heavens know, someday
you’ll get this
it’s endless and senseless
faithless you’ll go

don’t go, you’ll suffocate
don’t go, you’ll suffocate
the right thing is to find me
down here you’ll find me
come down crawling
sun’s black and i’m falling
blindly you told me
when the light’s gone
will you hold me?
don’t go

when the light’s gone
will you hold me?
don’t go crawling