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lirik lagu 0:00 – the crateful head


(my name is)

[verse 1 – g.west]
i get drunk in the morning
i get faded at night
you said i got a problem?
man you probably right
but when you try to be like
the f-cking fun police or something?
busting through the club at
the team supreme function
and crateful got it b-mping
make ’em wanna jump in
is that makeup on the table?
no, wait, that’s what they in love with
then there’s makeup on your pillow
when you wake up feeling nothing
but regret for dummy sh-t that you did
that you said you was done with

oh man not again
i’m back in it
me getting rich
just imagine it
don’t let them catch you lackin it
top 10 i’m a candidate

i be driving with my eyes closed
heading towards the cliff
88, yelling get money
mother f-ck a b-tch
truth is i’m ruthless
now i don’t give a sh-t
deuces while you trip
i float off in the whip