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lirik lagu my geraniums are bulletproof – the deep freeze mice


tired of shaking hands because they want to make me president
and im choking to death on all the flowers they send me
i take my sundays like a dog with a bucket of water
but now i have to wade through lists of all the things that showed up

i have hard impact fingers and a private submarine
walls of spreading metal leaves and pickles painted green
and this is the last place to keep me alive
so they put me in at night and i survive

i have corgis in the ice box stored away just in case
cardboard ravens everywhere ready waiting and in place
i hate to think im permanent but what else can i believe
those who hate me most are those by whom i was conceived
they keep me here in safety but i can’t imagine why
its impossible to k!ll me you need to be alive to die
but dont think that they dont want to theyd all like to see me dead
except that they dont know that so they worship me instead

trinitrophenol aminomethylcoumarin ????
it’s a ?????? antigen
my geraniums are bulletproof i don’t need it it’s insane
the outside world is dangerous i’m completely encased
one day ill go out there and make it all i need
its my turn to be alive and real and free