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lirik lagu bitter earth – the deity complex


the deity complex ft. unseen ny and supreme scientist 7 – “bitter earth”
[emcee(s): unseen ny and supreme scientist 7 (of the deity complex)]
[producer(s): the deity complex]
[sample 1 (multiple elements): “this bitter earth”]
[sample 2 (drums): jackie jackson – “is it him or me” (0:00)]

[intro: sample from “this bitter earth”]
this bitter earth
what fruit it bears
what good is love
that no one shares
and if my life is like the dust

[verse 1: unseen ny]
bitter earth, tell me what your literature’s worth
am i cursed? spread like shakespeare, urban twist
made it here to spit a verse. i came first
though i’m last-born, my p-ssion got my mash on
[?] waking today
but the same thing happens. i’ve been aching to say through action
got elastic in the line on your stomach, pain
is company, my brain is full of science of destruction
i can function through the hardest of times, stay
disgusted with surroundings, so i started to rhyme astounding
shadowbox on the street, life’s my paradox
hit the beat hard, the beast felt the aftershock
and my clock never half past 7, keep
composure, it’s a blessing, never say i never told ya
keep exposure for your camera lens developed in a
dark room, set up in extravagance, shark spoon
cartoons are reflections of life. the question
in mine could separate the dead from divine. i said
“i bled hip hop, you did it to cop the drop”
nonchalant, i sit with bombs to drop

[hook: samples with scratches]
“like a scientist” – sample from mike d on beastie boys – “ch-check it out”
“when i’m applying this” – sample from mike d on beastie boys – “ch-check it out”

[verse 2: supreme scientist 7 (of the deity complex)]
what happened to my
reflection? absentee queen remove affection
without a second-guessing, sl!ck maneuvers and deception
for a second, thought it was me, but in all actu-
-ality, the god shine the star degree. look in
the sky—n0body gotta search for me. burn
bright, clear paths for all the blind to see. never
a jack-ss, so [?] that sh-t on me
deep concentration, sipping crown, chopping a tree
ooh wee, to wait a life alone is depressing
easy to see why weak n-ggas swallow them smith & wessons
but i’m a teacher, my course load complex lessons
with or without compet-tion, my thought patterns is blessing
knowledge equality, so almighty reach your perception
food for thought or a form of contraception
no hate, all praise to the mother of creation
but be sweet, remove the bitter taste for our nation—look
high explosives, earthquakes, and quantum shift
got a twelve out-of-order, so i’m loved, ill writing sh-t
enigmatic but this is true, so swear i spit
always on my 90, prepare to represent

[hook: samples with scratches]
“chopping that thing in the lab” (x5)
“back to the lab, i drop the truth” – sample from jeru the damaja – “ya playin’ yaself” (x4)

[outro: sample from “this bitter earth”]
may not, oh, be so bitter after all