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lirik lagu i wouldn’t want you to die uninformed – the dynospectrum


[intro: sept sev sev two]

gut*wrenching…., unnnhhh

[verse 1: sept sev sev two]
the cramps, had him buckled over
yelping, wincing, had no clue that i was watching, but i was
it’s not as if i was digging the scene, it was grim
but i’m on this new awareness kick, where i stare at sh*t and take it all in
fall in, my man was like a feather falling
[?] it’s my wind and weather calling
i had to lend an oral orifice
poor positioning in the corner
keeping me from viewing everything i deemed to be important
fragments, portions, more than
i need to see this kid trying to cope
tenseness, sweat*soaked like his whole body is crying, oh
herе i am, eavesdropping, i know the languagе
t**th popping, pain anguish, the thought basis
the truth, involved within the realism of witnessing it firsthand
unbeknownst, was close to more than one could stand
what to do? lend a hand? or make mental notations?
observations and claim the education?
[verse two: pat juba]
resurrected through the dream that pleases
carpe diem on this earth
scheming, i’m freezing, i’m shapeless, faceless
broken facial limbs, strange fruit, pitch black
arawak indigenous aztec, drummer magnet
i’m stagnant though, my legacy is left tainted
they’re sn*tching crowns, pillaging jewels plus data
star chart measurements, hieroglyphs and medicine
for future tints to say god was never resident
on this earth, making the god fearing all hesitant
pick the path of the source, never be adamant
they switch up, battle deviate, were all heaven sent
chilling with god, he said he made us all different
for the parallel of prosper, borderline all perish
celebrate, diversify, let me clarify
purify these waters [and?] slide smooth down your pasture
barren landscape, man rapes with mega laughter
humans are scared to praise jah
walk the [?] seven times, in line with shrines
now i ask ya, amputate faster
decapitated hands and legs off your master
devils with ghetto blasters, pumping this
new religion, polarized fields of high living
his spiritual terms, mad deficit, left in sh*t
eternal quest, meet the truth
in other words, break the roof
[verse 3: sept sev sev two]

look at ’em, pathetic, doubled over
trouble drove from the stages of infantile
as the stranger with the wicked smile
studies him like lab rat, blinded by chemicals
stung by clap, snap to bad acid flashbacks
fast*track *n*lysis, a guess
no clue as to what’s up with brother
other than he’s found himself a mess
let’s, look quietly for a second
did you hear that? i reckon that was his mom’s name he beckoned
lessons, to be learned from a man, whose eyes burn to man
whose eyes turn to follow every jagged movement
elusive, incongruent to mainstream ideals
of what, and how a troubled man’s pain should feel
a brain to heal, wish him a speedy recovery
i never saw his face, nor did he discover me, lovely
so how do i know he ain’t me or one of my siblings?
if it speaks and you can hear, you should be listening

[outro: sept sev sev two]

visioning, through this mirror, catch a clearer image
i’ll see you at the finish, dynospectrum!