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lirik lagu a bigger meaning – the early november


“a bigger meaning”

(this brings us up to date. the reason why i am here. well it’s not long after we moved.
it’s about three months. we found out we were going to have a baby. unfortunately, not by choice.
it just happened. and i have no idea what to do. we don’t have any money. we don’t have much sp-ce.
we’re 18 and on our own. you know? i came out here to get away, have a fresh start.
this makes it hard. you haven’t said anything in a while. you’re not even listening.)

yes i am.
go ahead and sell me more.
oh, yes i love to hear every word you say.
so let it out, don’t let it stay.
’cause that’s what kills and that’s what hurts.
when you’re stuck inside and you can’t get out.
but here’s what’s worse:
when you have to lie because you’re stuck inside this shallow mind.
that won’t see himself for what he is.
the truth behind what he gives to the world and himself
and what he thinks he is.
you can’t hurt anyone ’cause you only give.
oh, that’s you.

(not that’s not me and i never said it was.
i bet you’re saying this because you probably did the same thing with me.)
oddly enough, i’m on my way.
now see, it’s natural to -ssume the worst when you’re raised to only trust yourself.
but i must agree, you should know that you have been quite wrong.
your dad is right, it’s not his fault.
you only see what you need to see to feel worse for your sorry life;
not to fix it, but to only hide behind walls you put up.
so continue feeling bad for yourself, it’s not your fault it’s everyone else.
there’s one thing you fail to see.
you’re a man, you’re your father’s son.
you both decided it was best to run
and now you’re stuck being him.
so forget the plans you had for life,
it’s time to learn it’s time for people to try to look at things for what they are.
and not the best story line.
the best story line…
the best story line…
the best story line…
the best story line…
the best story line…

(hi, my name is dean. i grew up in a small suburb town about 40 miles from the city.
it’s a quiet place but people have the biggest mouths.
it’s the kind of place where people care more about your stories
than who you actually are. i guess that kind of makes sense when i look at myself.)