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lirik lagu your eyes light up – the ember days


your eyes light up when you breathe for the first time
and you’re alive with a breath of mine
i wrote my name with the stars
none more beautiful than you are
i just want to hold you here in my arms
replace your tears with all my love
don’t ever say you don’t need me
cause i need you. i need you
nothing can change my love for you
and every i make all things new
your life’s a moment gone like a whisper
i thought of you when i made forever
and i’ve gone before you to lay it all down
and place your fears upon my crown
i won’t let the heavens divide our hearts
i want to be where you are
that’s why i came
and that’s why i died
and that’s why i gave it all for you
cause i love you, i love you
i love you