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lirik lagu 2.2 – the ex (punk band)


our squadron is heading for the target
time is 200 hours, approaching 2.2
radio contact with home base loud and clear
instructions for this counter insurgency mission:
“maximum damage, minimum risk”
our target is a terrorist hq
we will take ’em by surprise
“death form above”
and we’ll be back for a drink
in the officers’ mess at 600 hours
they won’t stand a chance

my comrades and me
we are heading for our village
and it’s past midday
we return to our families
after our attack on the government soldiers
who we try to stop from taking our land
we are but poor peasants with very few weapons
but with hope for the future
to build up a free land
and to overthrow the oppressors
we fought with all we had and we threw them back
but if they send fighter planes to our villages
we won’t stand a chance
we won’t stand a chance