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lirik lagu 1-2-5 – the fuzztones


well i was walkin’ down the street on a four*way tab
i found a young girl standin’ under glass
her heart was black and her face was masked
a five dollar bill, that was all she asked

now if i had a car i would go for a drive
i had no car but i had my five
i walked on over to her, i said, “what’s your name?”
“my name’s mary jane and i live down the lane”

well i looked down the lane, at the end i could see
a room full of clowns lookin’ back at me
the line of executives formed to the right
and if i woulda stayed i woulda stood all night

well she opened up the door and said “go on in”
i walked in first and pulled down the shade
she said “take it easy, baby, don’t be afraid…
you got nothing to lose, you’re at a penny arcade”