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lirik lagu “bodies” – the gotobeds


muscle, bone they live inside of your body, your body
i know what i miss about her body, her body
a short trip around the sun in my body, my body
what matters most is that you’re n0body, n0body

a mannequin with liquor and wine in your body, your body
she’s gone but present in mind a body, a body
these thoughts keep haunting and haunting my body, my body
my thoughts won’t ever die like my body, my body

you’re the only figure stuck in time
you’re the first to try and survive

what matters most is that you’re n0body, you’re n0body
just a sh*ll that matters to most, your body, your body
the thoughts of you will never die
i’ll be the last to get out alive * of my body, of this body

we rolled around on carpet that was twine
your father left before he knew you were mine