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lirik lagu 3-legged dog – the handsome family


like a 3-legged dog you’ve called in sick
sure there’s seconds of pleasure but so many moments of pain
and you can’t snap your fingers and you don’t talk so straight
you want to be loved, but you probably can’t make it anyway

now the ground is cold and there’s no fire around
an absence of fire and you’re just cold and i’ve seen this dog in my sleep
he chases my father too, when he dreams between the sheets
but, we all think it’s time for you to quit. take a last swig of that cabernet

but, i tell you my friend i won’t forget you
and the world’s not clean, but they get mad when you’re dirty
if you’ve handled some food, you better wash up
like a 3-legged dog you got three feet

you can’t walk fast or f-ck, but you still get in heat
you can’t wag your ears or flap your tail
but i still see you wandering down by the wishing well

when the ground was young and caves were col
you’ve stayed out all night and you’re just too old



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