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lirik lagu just drive – the hormonauts


drove on to the motorway
think i turned the wrong way
headin’ down south
cheesy grin on my mouth
i don’t really give a d-mn
if i don’t know where i am
there ain’t nothin’ i can find
is gonna satisfy my mind

i’m a f-ckin’ bomb
and n0body knows where i’m from
i ain’t gonna esplode
i kinda like it on overload
for just one day don’t wanna hear n0body’s jive
yeah! i wanna feel alive
so i just drive
just drive! j-j-j-j-just drive!

fill the tank to the top
i ain’t ever gonna stop
ain’t got no carburator
’cause my diesel-pump is better
johnny cash on the eight-track
pedal to the floor, mac
headin’ for the sunset
we ain’t even started yet

ever get the feeling
that the only way of dealing with it’s on your own
with the tape deck on
you’re glad to be alive
so you just drive
just drive just drive just drive just drive just drive etc…

for yust one day i wanna feel myself alive