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lirik lagu motorhead’s roadie – the jazz june


you’ve got the scars to prove it
you’ve got the means to make the movies
and when you’re up on stage it feels like you’re on fire c’mon
let’s get the rig a rollin’
no time to second guess
the pans are made
the date is set
so pull the pin and go,go,go
the seas in front of you, it’s black and blue and ready to part
the leaves are blowing, rain is coming and it’s ready to start
the wind is angry, cold and biting, clouds are creeping up slow on the horizon
the sand is burnt behind so dig a ditch to hide from the light
the swells are topplling white tips are poking holes inthe sky
crouched and ready, fists are closed and set to break for the action; live for the action
the heart the soul and mind are anch0r-d to spit at the tide
my lady lives by the e train
she’s got one h-ll of an ear
she puts that foot down and spins around
and moves, moves, moves
broke down and stuck at the station
pc0kets are white and clear
the dues are paid the signals set
so move, move, move