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lirik lagu avtv legends – the kid remy


[intro: suud]
suud and cp3, we in this b*tch!

[verse 1: suud]
peep my ricky pants, yeah, you know i sag
keep a rack in my denim stacks
never cap, this sh*t first person, man
me and max on this beat, the legends never trash
scammin all the hoes with my dime bag
runnin’ off, do em bad, avtv legends on this fire track
archive is on my pants, so i had to spend a few bands
mr. red had the plans, mr. schiel erased that
he my new guy, he fire with the cam
shootin’ all the films like i’m phoenix, makin’ clothes like brad
coppin’ pieces on demand
basketcase, actual hate
makin films, makin money, you know that’s my main thing
me and bros went out today, yeah that sh*t was so great
remy wanna k!ll it, you already know he gonna do it all the way

[verse 2: the kid remy]
mr. red’s class, sh*t was muhf*ckin’ goated
mr. schiel’s class, honestly, it gets promoted
learned how to use mixers and premiere pro
you had them lame classes, you shoulda been here, bro
me, suud, ronan, and gus, call us the amigos
put us on a team, we finna shoot you like some free throws
havin fun every day, always makin movies
not the p*rnhub type, but this sh*t is a beauty
i remember one time, we made content just like dhar mann
gotta be family*friendly, you can’t take it too far, man
it may look difficult, but trust me, it is not hard, man
if we get signed a contract, this sh*t finna be our bands
shoutout the man lincoln
finna miss you when i graduate, no h0m*

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