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lirik lagu 07 hold me down – the lost and found (paybac x boogey)


(intro aramide)
hold me down

(verse 1 boogey)
not really what i thought it would be when i signed up
the loneliness that comes with the finer things when you find em
finally in the fantasy, falling in love with flying and formulating my feelings for fanatics who make fun of..
.. every battle i fought to become the. king of the fauna. funny how they forget you for never getting your funds up. calling you father now, when you rise you bring your sons up.. ..but if sh-t goes south, boys always gonna be bafana. for the sake of desire..
..they fornicate with the fire.. ..and cry you a river as they ignore your lake til it dries up. never changing my ways. a dragon slayer will slay.. ..but who am i gonna follow? i’m always paving my way. reading my own signs, a lonely game of charades. seeds that i sowed are mine and you only came for the grain. seeing the gold i mined, it’s turning me to a slave. freeing this soul of mine, a lonely angel astray

(hook aramide)
sometimes i feel like a failure
sometimes i feel like i let me down
swear i need a savior
someone to love me
and hold me down

(verse 2 paybac)
everybody want piece of me
dem no want peace for me
lonely for the top hand out dem go reach for me
they never speak for me
even though i pay dues they still want a peace offering
they repeat often
call when they need something
see if you chasing paper then you gas keep running
me i speed off and
skirt skirt bad belle
the tire keep turning
keep burning
keep turning

na why i neeeed you
i dey float when i dey wiiith you
im david if you get an issue
-ssurance wey i get to give you
like buhari i no ever leave you
mandela but i never free you
if i be woman i go wan beee you
did i tell you baby that i need you
did i tell you baby that i need you