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lirik lagu 08 private jet conversations – the lost and found (paybac x boogey)


(captain girl)
good morning lost and found
this is your captain speaking
i am pleased to inform you that we have now reached crusing alt-tude
and the fasten seat belt sign has been turned off. you may now indulge in champagne and other frivolities that we have for you
thank you. and enjoy your flight

(hook jazzz)
i have shifted shape
and now the winds keep changing
kiss the seas goodbye
to my dreamless nights

gravity hasn’t worked on me for hours
i look out the window and the old men still power

and nowadays this country ain’t something i’m proud of
it looks like it got even worse since our first alb-m

holy sh-t it’s been that long
feel like i wrote ten thousand songs
10000 days spent on this path
just tryna get where i belong

i knew it won’t be long..
before we graduated from open mics..
… but now they know we’re nice..
.. and they swear that it happened overnight

but it wasn’t
had to hustle
f-ck the honeys
till i’m buzzing
started shooting 3 pointers
now the uber is a rocket
you talk money
i get h-rny it’s my favorite type discussion
i go hard until the leather on the cushion start to soften

i’m never relenting
better chance of the devil repenting
remember never hearing word from the labels and the gatekeepers after letters we sent em
i might forever resent em
evil thought, let’s fly this plane to some, stick their heads in the engine