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lirik lagu 09 the boogeyman – the lost and found (paybac x boogey)


(bridge paybac)
three times
three times
three times (dont you dare say chree tinez)
all you gotta do is just say my name three times
reappear like the devil it’s a pistol not a peace sign
i be going to war even in peace times


since the beginning of time
i been end of days level schwazneeger sh-t
about face devil
heart is a brick
get you sh-ll shocked
like several mister splinters is
been to h-ll on several instances
living h-ll for all you rappers
all the fuel that’s in my teeth
straight fire emoji
h-ll’s kitchen with the heat
stay in a haunted house
smell different when we feast
i’m resident evil
the demons they stay in it rent free

since all of you rappers is -ss backwards
to get a face to face we need magic
luckily i keep the voodoo and juju in a casket
they call it free smoke cos you can have it

i’m kanayo in a shrine getting reborn
zach orgi doing laps in a pool of blood
sacrificed this woman’s baby
n-gg- really think i care about his life at all?
need a chill pill not a tramadol

when the boogey man come for you
tell me where you gonna go
when the boogey man come for you
ain’t n-body gonna know

when the boogey man come for you
e don done for you

(verse 2)

if there ever was a time that you n-gg-s rapping better
madam koi koi must have slipped her shoes with
i took a trip to igodo with a white umbrella
pete edochie by my side tryna control the weather

i’m karashika if you rappers wanna know me better
the candy man and tooth fairy on the road together
the wicked witch giving strange fruit to the children
evil g*nius like bob e-manuel
no feelings

waited so long just to k!ll a f-cking rapper dog
p-ssy -ss n-gg-s can’t catch up with the catalog
motherf-ck your goals lil n-gg-s
i don’t gat a f-ck
take your face off like i’m caster troy
wasn’t e’en your beef and you gat involved
went and k!lled yourself n-gg- atta boi
now it’s night sweats when the alb-m drop
nightmare on elm street
charlie ‘lready brought the f-cking mask along
this a death sentence n-gg- p-ss it on

can’t stop until your heart it stop to beat
and your mama wash your blood right of the stt–ts
i’m a product of your night mares and your dreams
you created me so you rest in peace