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lirik lagu 3 am text interlude – (the medic)


[verse 1: the medic]
lay back on a late night, never see the daylight
everything takes time, everything takes time
we been hurtin’ too much, i know you been working too much
n0body holdin’ it down, yeah the word is around
lemme play the part now
fall back now, shawty come and tell me where you at now
always on my mind in the background
really wishin’ you would call back now
call back
trust me, i ain’t just tryna get it in
love sick, uh, medic got the medicine
get it poppin’, girl that’s a definite
he ain’t treating you right, it’s repet-tive
so drop him, there’s options
come down and let me know what’s poppin’
she strong, so trust she got this
let’s talk, no switching topics, yeah
i’m here for that 3 in the morning late night text
just give me some time, and i’ll be up on a plane flight next, to you

[phone call: the medic]
yo what’s poppin with you
you at home right now by yourself or is he there
okay got you
nah i just called cuz i know you’re going through it right now
(but, like)
this kind of thing is hard to you know run from
yea yea
yea i feel you but like even with us is like right things at the wrong times
but i’ll still be here you know
yea i know how it is
but who knows
if something works out down the road
if it’s written like that
if it’s in the cards
not tryna sound chessy
but you know what i’m sayin
yea yea
i know look
i understand it’s all temporary though
it’s like it always feels everything is only perfect for awhile