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lirik lagu 007 – the mouse outfit


like 007 better license this
cos it’s murder when i hold the mic and spit
straight venom better tell them like the python’s kiss
it’s quite sadistic hit them like it’s tysons fist
straight jealous heads wishing that i might just miss
but never that yo
even when i might be pissed
got lyrics that will hit them like some viruses
to the system futile if them try resist

verse1 fox
straight up mate yeah the boy ain’t ready
drop dubplate but the plate ain’t heavy
heavyweight dubplate where mi fling k!ll kenny
k!ll bill and still k!ll more than many
ignorant mc die two a penny
get reborn in a new form
no uniform to the way how we move on woii
who want can get it hurricane or storm
bring it all on but we still stay calm
no heat in the winter we still stay warm
peace but sametime still stay armed
dangerous the way we perform
mic a me lucky charm lyrics cause harm
these pepper corn better know whaa gwarn

verse sparkz
check this we get the whole place on tip toe
when i’m on form i mash up the disco
elevate thought when i rap on the mix
no act see we’re better than the baddest on this
set a level i’m ahead of any amateurs spit
man i tell them on a regular i hammer this quick no panicking them other man are stammering better to get your manners in i settle it swift
recognise this this just one of them
we make party you rave to the end
mash up the bar with a half a pint of rum
ain’t no need to pretend l
eave the venue at 5am
liver then soul hype k!lling them with rhyme your end
it’s murder rhythm a set vibe againe
good learner reckon you best try be friend

verse jman
put your worst foot backwards
you’ll be skanking out
til you’re seeing stars like you work for the baftas
ground is shaking ,,palpataions
crowd is aching …still down for raving
j to da man i rock the soundsystem
everybody gotta jump around until they’re looking like they’re ready for the cemetery cos mouse out did them
sweating like their running in a marathon
or ducking from the babylon
feeling like a king
but i’m coming like a vagabond
we tear down stages train or bus
just know when we reach it’s dangerous
when i come around i’ma duppy this
we’re k!lling then we’re running this
i’m spitting till my lips are feeling numb in this
dun know, i’m a be living for the fun of this

verse t-man
you run into problems when you come around me
i’ll have you looking down whilst i stand proudly
i’ll state my statement loudly i came for the crowning
climb any mountain around me when it’s the right time i get a little rowdy
show these man i ain’t down with clowin
i keep firing bars like a browning rifle
spray those waves that will leave those other guys drowning
they call me big don ready for the bar since i was in raves and squatted out houses but i weren’t surfin on the couches
i was lettin guys know i was about it i don’t care too much if you doubt me
shouts to the peeps that never doubt me
king of the dancefloor that’s who i be
if i’m in the front back middle or around it