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lirik lagu is this any way for us to say goodbye – the oak ridge boys


“is this any way for us to say goodbye”

there were times we talked for hours
of our love while summer flowers
blossomed just outside the window where we lay.
words of love came easy as the gentle evening breezes
whispered that our love had lived another day.

now the room is filled with hushes
as you move your silver brushes
from the dresser to the suitcase on the bed.
a stony wall of silence
separates us into islands
filled with echoes of the angry words we said.

it was just a lover’s quarrel
and it just got out of hand
the fury of a woman
met the anger of a man
we spoke the two so bitterly that it turned into a lie
is this any way for us to say goodbye?

we each demanded justice
now the outline of the dusk
is all that’s left where once your ivory mirror lay
both h-ll bent for survival
of our pride, love cannot rival
when the battle ends will anything be saved?


is this anyway for us to say goodbye?

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