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lirik lagu pillow fight @ shag mountain – ​the orb


songs, faces (cosas, caras)
friends, places (amigos, lugares)
years and moments, half forgotten (años y momentos medio olvidados)
laughs, fears (risas, temores)
songs, tears (canciones, lágrimas)
memories are made of this? (los recuerdos están hechos de esto)

(in a plead for sanity in a time of crisis, governments of the world are urging people everywhere to disregard the gigantic throbbing lump orb currently hovering above the planet. un security council member giorgio hall delivered this statement to amplets of the press:)
(the so*called orb [?] no cause for alarm)
(but for now our parties can do no more than warn the public that little is known about the orb’s motives and [?] to resist the indescribable [?] beauty emanating from its [?])

songs, faces
friends, places
years and moments, half forgotten
laughs, fears
songs, tears
memories are made of this

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