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lirik lagu the hardest button to button – the white stripes


“the hardest b-tton to b-tton”

we started living in an old house
my ma gave birth and we were checking it out
it was a baby boy
so we bought him a toy
it was a ray gun
and it was 1981

we named him ‘baby’
he had a toothache
he started crying
it sounded like an earthquake
it didn’t last long
because i stopped it
i grabbed a rag doll
and stuck some little pins in it

now we’re a family
and we’re alright now
we got money and a little place
to fight now
we don’t know you
and we don’t owe you
but if you see us around
i got something else to show you

well it’s easy when you don’t know better
you think it’s sleazy?
then put it in a short letter
we keep warm
but there’s just something wrong with you
just feel that you’re the hardest little b-tton to b-tton

i had opinions
that didn’t matter
i had a brain
that felt like pancake batter
i got a backyard
with nothing in it
except a stick
a dog
and a box with something in it

the hardest b-tton to b-tton