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lirik lagu switching to pen – thedamianbro


spitting fast, i see but you should really relax
talking bout no respect because you’re older but it’s pretty bad
when i’m 14 and getting to you, you’re starting to sound kinda mad
pay my respects, knock on your door, be like “oh i’m sorry nash”
that i made wordplay out your name, now you go and spit fast
that’s cool, yeah that’s great and all, but now you’re making me come back
i have to come and spit it faster, but i guess i’m kinda glad
that you’re pushing me to my limits-
cause now i gotta come in like i never did
i took your flow and bettered it
i’m flowing never sweating it
i called you out you bet i did
you wanted this you’re getting it
i bet that you’d have never guessed
your flow would easily get bested
by a brother who can show respect
and i’ll never ever relent
because until i win i will do this again and again
my pencils sharp but easy to break so i’m switching to pen
guess i don’t know how far i go until turned up to 10
i’m starting think that weren’t expecting this
you might not know it but there is such thing as a lyricist
listen to every line man i want you hearing this
when it comes to bars you are not catching me, i’m serious
i’m starting to think you’re delirious
needa go see a therapist
all your friends will be sharing this
when they hear that you lost, i’ll be cherishing
if i was on your song i would’ve carried it
you said i’m saying nothing, i’m screaming so can hear me yet?