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lirik lagu victimizing victim – (the)imperfectionist


i’ve been so perplexed, angular, and undressed
waiting on an answer

so won’t you show me your naked body stranger?
i been lookin’ out for someone new

and there’s only this murderous feeling
rattling in my ribcage
if i could k!ll what i was
if i could k!ll what was there
if i could be something new

maybe i could forget you
maybe i could forgive you

so i’ve been unlikable lately as an experiment
oh honey you’re not so sweet like you were
yeah i’m a monster i like to face horror, duality, duality
do me
do me soft and sweet stranger

now i’ve been lonely and ungrateful
unfaithful with my unsafe feelings
i’ve been emotionally cheating
i’ve been confused, angular, and abusive, and abused

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